Research Forum 2023: Supporting older persons with long-term care needs and persons with disabilities


The 2023 EURECO Forum will take place in person at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, on March 15. This year’s edition will focus on older persons with long-term care needs and persons with disabilities: common challenges and learning opportunities in care and support. The aim of the Forum is to bring research and practice together for more innovative research on inclusive community development.

Our event will discuss the following questions: 

  • What are the similarities and challenges between care and support for older persons and persons with disabilities on both individual cases and local service system levels?
  • What can they learn from one another? What promising solutions and relevant research questions exist?

The key outcomes we aim to take away from this event include (1) improved connections between both sectors, (2) identifying key items for future research agenda and (3) fostering potential cooperation for future project proposals. 

The forum will welcome representatives of European research institutions working in the fields of disability, community planning and inclusive services, as well as other stakeholders, including representatives of disability service providers and of the European institutions.

Registrations are now closed.